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Hello there! My name is Hannah, a small girl who is currently graduating from a graphic design course at the University of Suffolk in the UK. I’ve always loved visual communication that goes beyond any other form of expression. For me, graphic design and art have always been the guiding forces that shape my life.

During my high school years, I found myself yearning for a more creative outlet, craving something that would extend beyond the realm of formulas and memorization. It was then that I wholeheartedly embraced the captivating world of graphic arts—a decision I’ve never looked back on, as it unlocked my true potential and led me to pursue what truly brings me joy.

I can’t wait to share my creative endeavours with you and embark on this remarkable adventure together.

Please note my websites were unfortunately deleted, and I have been diligently working to recreate them from scratch. As a result, please be patient and minduful as I continue to develop and update them. Rest assured, I am fully committed to bringing you the best possible experience! 🙂


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KittyKit Subscription Box

Visual Identity, Branding, Packaging Design

KittyKit is a brand extension of Whiskas, offering a curated selection of premium products tailored to meet the unique needs of cats. With a focus on convenience and quality, KittyKit delivers a delightful subscription box experience for cat owners, ensuring their feline companions receive the best care and products available.

KittyKit is dedicated to providing natural cat food without chemicals or preservatives, while never compromising on taste. From nourishing meals to essential vitamins, supplements, and engaging toys, KittyKit is committed to ensuring the well-being and happiness of our beloved feline companion.

What's In The Box

Logo Design for House & Home Exhibition

Visual Identity

These logo design suggestions for the House & Home Exhibition thoughtfully capture the essence of home and the strong connection between Suffolk Archives and the University of Suffolk. Through their visual elements, the logos reflect the exhibition’s theme, symbolizing the significance of preserving and celebrating the concept of home.

ABC Of Flowers

Illustration, Publication Design

ABC of Flowers is a book that invites readers of all ages to explore the enchanting world of flowers through the alphabet. Each letter is formed by meticulously illustrated flowers, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

‘NOW’: Phone App Development

UI & UX Design, Marketing, Branding

The app designed to eliminate distractions and provide a customizable daily planner for better organization. It offers an automatic day generation feature, daily classes to promote relaxation and focus and motivational quotes to reduce stress. With ‘Now,’ users can live in the present, free from Internet and social media distractions, and stay on track towards achieving their goals.

House & Home Exhibition

Visual Identity, Branding

The concept for the House & Home Exhibition includes an engaging treasure trail event that takes participants on a journey around Ipswich, visiting 14 different properties and collecting clues along the way.